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Our books provide specific insight into hundreds of different birds that beginners and avid bird watchers alike can enjoy. We are different from most field guides because we focus on regional expertise by local authors and photographers. As a result, Birds of the Puget Sound Region has been the best selling bird book in the Western U.S. for years.

Birding is a hobby enjoyed by over 60 million people in the United States and our books fill a niche for those customers that want a guide that is easy to use, yet loaded with sharp photographs, clear descriptions, seasonal abundance, where to find birds, voice, and diet/behavior.

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Table of Contents

  • Map of Northern California
  • Quick Guide to Local Birds
  • Common Local Birds
  • Introduction
  • Identifying Birds
  • Observing Local Birds
  • Map of Habitats
  • Habitats Descriptions
  • Helpful Resources
  • Species Accounts
  • Acknowledgements, Photographer Credits
  • Index/Checklist of Birds
  • About the Authors
  • Short Index to Species

This comprehensive, 510 page, pocket sized field guide presents over 400 species, including their voice description, behavior, along with seasonal notations and most likely locations that sightings might occur. Over 600 vivid photographs provide visual assistance in identifying birds in breeding and often in alternate plumages for this region. Information is presented in an easy to read format allowing avid and beginner bird watchers alike to enjoy birding. The authors, California locals, add details that can only come from personal birding expeditions in northern California.

Our Collection

By Bob Morse, Tom Aversa, and Hal Opperman
By Harry Nehls, Tom Aversa and Hal Opperman
By Richard Cachor Taylor
By Kimball L. Garrett, Jon L. Dunn and Brian E. Small
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Meet The Authors of
Birds of Northern California

David E. Quady

Dave Quady has birded extensively throughout northern California since the 1970's. He wrote the owls section of National Geographic Society's Complete Birds of North America, and he teaches owl classes and leads field trips for Golden Gate Audubon Society. Dave and his family reside in Berkeley. He is President of Western Field Ornithologists.

Jon L. Dunn

Jon Dunn has led tours for WINGS since 1977. He is co-author of the National Geographic Society's Field Guide to the Birds of North America. He was co-author with Kimball Garrett Birds of Southern California: Status and Distribution. Peterson Field guide to Warblers, Birds of the Los Angeles Region, and Birds of Southern California. Jon is a member of the American Ornithologists Union Committee on Classification and Nomenclature, has served for 27 years on the California Bird Records Committee, and served for many years on the American Birding Association Checklist Committee.

Kimball L. Garrett

Kimball Garrett has, since 1982, been the Ornithology Collections Manager at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. He is past-President of Western Field Ornithologists, a long time member of the California Bird Records Committee, and co-editor of the Southern California regional Reports for North American Birds. He was co-author with Jon Dunn of Birds of Southern California: Status and Distribution, Peterson Field Guide to Warblers, Birds of the Los Angeles Region, and Birds of Southern California.

Brian E. Small

Brian is a professional wildlife photographer and co-author of three photographic field guides, Birds of Eastern North America, Birds of Western North America, and Birds of Southern California. He is co-author of a bird identification column in BirdWatching. Thousands of his images are featured in books, magazines, calendars, websites and smartphone apps. Over 450 of his fine photographs appear in Birds of Northern California.

Robert W Morse, B.A.
Brown University, Providence, R.I.

Bob's life long interest in birds and bird watching led him to found the company in 1978. He has seen over 850 species of birds in the United States, including 436 in Washington State. He has birded throughout Washington since 1960, and was founder of the Grays harbor Shorebird Festival, past member of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council, and longtime member of three Audubon chapters.

The R.W. Morse Company is owned and operated by Bob and Christina Morse. Their life long interest in birds and bird watching led the company to write and publish books about birds.

Christina Duchesne Morse, M.Ed.
University of Washington, Tacoma, WA.

Former naturalist (Yellowstone and Everglades National Parks) and retired high school biology teacher, Christina has birded around the United States for many decades. She and Bob live in Olympia, Washington where they own and operate the R.W. Morse company.

RW Morse Company

Bob Morse
Christina Duchesne Morse

P.O. Box 12302
Olympia, WA 98508, USA

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Helpful Information

One of the best ways to see new birds is to join your local National Audubon Society chapter and/or explore the many nature walks offered on your public lands such as national parks and wildlife refuges, state parks and nature centers. As an active participant (perhaps to a new area), you will learn how to identify new birds and meet people whom share a common interest. These field trip leaders are eager to answer your bird questions. We have listed some websites that we have found helpful for our birding adventures.

American Birding Association


Cornell Lab of Ornithology


National Audubon Society


Wild Birds Unlimited


Book Reviews:

Dennis Paulson
Naturalist and Author September 2015

This attractive book is just the thing for anyone interested in learning the birds of their region. Like the others published by the Morse Company, it is compact yet complete, with superb color photographs complemented by a brief but informative text about each species. Both identification and natural history are well treated in the text, and the interesting facts included about the birds are an extra not found in most field guides.

People love these little books. They fit in a jacket pocket, and they are all you need to get started in a long and rewarding life as a birder. The price is reasonable, and I highly recommend one at home and one as a traveling companion!

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